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1 in 5 people will be affected by mental illness in their lifetime. But despite its prevalence, many of us are hesitant to prioritize our mental well-being. That could mean reaching out for support when you’re going through a challenge, recognizing you need a break or taking a class to improve the way you handle stress.

We don’t question the importance of choosing nutritious foods or the positive impact of physical exercise on our health. Advocating for our mental well-being should be just as accepted too.

Individuals explore more mindful living for lots of reasons. Just a couple could be quality of life, performance enhancement and service to others. But one of the most compelling reasons is to manage stress. And no wonder! 80% of U.S. workers feel stress on the job, and nearly half say they (and their colleagues) need help learning to manage it. So why shouldn't it be totally mainstream to use mindfulness meditation programs, which are validated by 47 clinical studies to diminish anxiety and stress.

Let's make caring for our mental health the new normal!

eFleets, in partnership with M2 Well-Being, is excited to announce three, live, virtual "deep-dive" mindfulness workshops, an opportunity to focus on tools that support your mental and emotional well-being.

We are glad you're here now.


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Introduction to Mindfulness

Friday, August 6

10am- 11am PT

Examine the foundations of mindfulness and the key qualities that can assist in identifying and managing emotions, triggers and traps. This presentation uses experiential exercises, guided mindfulness practice and interactive discussion to build greater emotional awareness and cultivate calm. Understanding and integrating mindfulness enhances personal, professional and community well-being.

*Please bring a piece of paper and a crayon, colored pencil or marker to class.


Stress Less

Friday, September 17

10am- 11am PT

Learn about the stress cycle, personal signs of stress and develop strategies to respond (versus react) more productively. This presentation uses experiential exercises, guided mindfulness practice and interactive discussion outlining ways to manage unskillful thought and behavior patterns; let things be and transform stress.

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Mindful Communication

Friday, October 15

10am- 11am PT

As relational beings communication is essential yet it is all too common to experience a wide variety of communication break downs. Learning to listen more mindfully and respond more thoughtfully, preserving the integrity of all parties, is a key to healthy relationships. This presentation includes experiential exercises, guided mindfulness practice and interactive discussion to create awareness of communication cues fostering wise speech.

*Please bring a piece of paper (any size or color) to class.


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