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Delivering resources to support your entire well-being is Offerpad's Health & Wellness mission. While we are all on different personal journeys that influence our mental and emotional wellness, the pandemic has introduced unique challenges that can weigh heavily on anyone.  

With that in mind, now more than ever, we can all invest a little extra love and attention into our emotional, mental, and holistic well-being. 

​Offerpad, in partnership with M2 Well-Being, is excited to share this opportunity to help support your mental wellness and emotional well-being.




We humans thrive in community. Studies show that tending to quality relationships and giving back boost your happiness, health and sense of well-being. Loving Kindness is a practice that helps us build compassion and nurture community.

Fearlessness is the ability to look deeply inside ourselves and know who we truly are. It’s also the ability to lean into whatever our life is offering us. When life is particularly challenging, it takes courage to do that. We start right where we are, coming to mediation.

Bringing your mind into the present moment can be a practice of gratitude. Pause to appreciate our body’s connection to the earth, and invite awareness of the many ways we are supported.

Open yourself to your basic goodness. We need not be fixed. We simply honor the imperfection of being human with mindful self-compassion.

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