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Infusionsoft: Quiet, Cold Brew, Cereal and Turf

Among the many reasons I love what I do is that I regularly bump up against the best intentions. The companies I meet recognize the importance of caring for the whole person, as well as how multi-faceted that needs to be, and they are genuinely looking for different ways to support and promote well-being. The Cigna wellness team introduced me to Infusionsoft in June, and they were immediately curious and receptive. Nobody in the meeting had personal experience with mindfulness practices, but they were concerned about stress and anxiety, and welcomed the opportunity to offer a new tool. They planned a mental health awareness month for September and invited M2.

Now a few of them subscribe to apps and are doing it on their own too. Seriously awesome.

And when quiet isn't what they need, employees can enjoy the ridiculously awesome cereal bar, pour a cold brew coffee or walk the indoor, astroturf field around which the office is built.

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