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Bringing Mindfulness Training and Mindfulness Exercises to Your Workplace

M2 Well-Being is Arizona’s only mobile mindfulness studio, and one of the nation’s first. M2’s mission is to meet communities where they are, and provide resources, tools and inspiration to improve mental health and well-being. We provide a place of calm where people connect and feel more capable and fulfilled.
M2’s highly trained teachers deliver mindfulness training that can improve performance and enhance culture at all levels of the organization. We offer in-person events and online classes too. 

  • M2 comes onsite in Arizona’s first and only mobile mindfulness studio, a unique experience! Our beautiful studio provides a place of calm, free from distraction, yet conveniently located steps away from the office.

  • An M2 instructor leads mindfulness workshops in a room you provide. Our "deep-dive" mindfulness workshops are an opportunity to learn and practice tools that support your mental and emotional well-being.

  • M2 offers live, virtual classes and workshops and recorded classes on-demand.

M2 makes it convenient and efficient to educate and inspire your employees to train their brains and improve their health, well-being and productivity, while building workplace relationships and community. 

Mindfulness at Work Benefits Employees

The practice of a mindfulness program has a proven positive impact on your employees' well-being, which research suggests more engagement, full attention, productivity, creativity, collaboration, and reducing stress. The positive effects of mindfulness is invaluable to your employee’s mental health at work.

Feel Better




Sleep Quality

Immune System

Think Better





Connect Better

Negative Thinking

Relate to Others

Manage Emotions

Create a More Mindful Culture

We'll help you build a path to a more mindful culture. M2 Well-Being offers sessions that are specially designed to create awareness, build momentum, sustain benefits, deepen practice, build mindful communication, and create mindful listening. So we can help you progress from wherever you are.

Introductory Seminars
Relaxation Classes
Brain Training
Foundation Series
Team Building
Executive & Leadership Training
 Events & Retreats

The studio is also available for Pop-up Quiet Space and Rent

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