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Mindful Self-Compassion
6-Week Series

Have you ever noticed the tendency to be kinder to others than to yourself?  You are not alone. We all have a built-in negativity bias and an inner critique that is often unsupportive. The M2 Mindful Self-Compassion 6-week series, created and delivered by Debbie Holexa, RDH, MAEd, CMT-P, MMT, is a comprehensive approach to creating a more compassionate support system and embracing a life of empowered presence.

M2 Mindful Self-Compassion series is appropriate for and available to everyone. No prior experience or knowledge is needed. All are welcome.


The program is best served if you attend all classes in succession, but we will not discourage attendance nor turn anyone away at any point.  Each class is one hour offered live, virtually. Recorded on-demand sessions are also available.

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Week 1: Mindful Self-Compassion Primer

Have you ever felt down and discouraged listening to a negative and judgmental inner voice? Or found yourself feeling unsupported from all directions, including from within you? Then consider yourself ripe for the strategies of self-compassion.  This workshop provides a conceptual introduction to self-compassion using didactic tools, formal and informal practices to move from concept to lived, felt experience. It will set the foundation for our comprehensive work in creating a more compassionate support system for this one, because this one matters too.


Week 2: Mindfulness from the Beginning

In order to create meaningful change, it is necessary to first notice with curiosity how things are now.  Perhaps all is well, and life feels perfect, fantastic. More probably, when paying attention on purpose, areas may be discovered that could use a little smoothing or remodeling.  This workshop, along with the Mindful Self-Compassion Primer, provides a conceptual introduction to mindfulness and its value in mindful self-compassion using didactic tools, formal and informal practices to move from concept to lived, felt experience.

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Week 3: The Purpose and Power of Loving-Kindness

Before jumping into self-compassion, it is necessary to establish a firm foundation of goodwill/ease/acceptance, so that one might feel well-resourced and find flow in the practice.  Loving-kindness warms up awareness and could be considered the primer of compassion. Participants will discover loving-kindness phrases that serve to develop an open heart through meditation, self-reflection and take-home activities.


Week 4: Cultivating a Compassionate Voice

Building on the practice of loving-kindness, this workshop will focus on compassionate conversations with ourselves that motivate with kindness rather than self-criticism. We meet ourself with the same tenderness we would me a friend who is struggling. Learning activities will include self-reflection, meditation, success strategies such as the creation of self-affirmation mantras.

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Week 5: Relating to Our Difficult Emotions

This is a “rubber meets the road” workshop – putting into play the mindfulness and self-compassion skills learned by applying these practices to difficult emotions.  Let’s face it, being human is a messy undertaking. Even with the best of intentions we will experience a gamut of emotions including the difficult ones such as shame, guilt and anger. Navigating these experiences with skill, grace and poise will help restore balance.  Engagement tools of meditation, self-reflection, and didactic tools of practice strategies will be used.

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Week 6: Embracing a Life of Empowered Presence

This final session will draw on positive psychology, the practices of savoring, gratitude, and self-appreciation as ways to rewire our brains and kick the habit of self-criticism. We can embrace the good in ourselves and in our lives. Reflection of where we began the adventure and where we are now will affirm the steps taken toward a life of empowered presence.

Each class is one hour, and is delivered live, via Zoom. Recorded, on-demand sessions available for an additional fee.

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