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Why M2

M2 Well-Being delivers workplace mindfulness training that can improve performance and enhance culture at all levels of the organization. M2’s experienced teachers come to you in Arizona’s first and only mobile mindfulness studio, a unique experience! Our beautiful studio provides a place of calm, free from distraction, yet conveniently located on site.


Group Classes

Bringing people together promotes engagement, builds teams and relationships. 
The studio can accommodate up to 15 participants at a time.


Beautiful Space

Our studio is designed to calm, focus, restore and recharge. Plus, stepping away from your desk taking a short walk there and back adds movement, sunshine and fresh air too.


Personalized Approach

Our highly trained teachers assess every group. Seasoned practitioners or never tried it before? Call center operators? Engineers? Executives? Technology company or healthcare? Whatever the mix, our experienced teachers will adjust language and examples to maximize relevance and engagement.


Focus on Practice

Building mental techniques and resilience requires effort and consistency, just like physical exercise. M2 class time focuses on guided practice, so you can build that brain “muscle.”


Flexible Schedule

We come to your workplace for a two-hour block of time, weekly, biweekly or as needed. M2 Well-Being delivers six 10-minute classes or four 15 or 20-minute classes, so employees have flexibility to work it into their day. Longer classes and seminars also available.


Turnkey Implementation

M2 provides a marketing kit for effective and easy promotion via internal communication channels; online scheduling; utilization, loyalty and satisfaction measurement and reporting.


Digital Resources

To promote home practice and support remote employees, we offer curated digital content with practices, inspiration and science of mindfulness.

Don't just take our word for it!
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