M2 Testimonials

Taking time for mindfulness is critical in our high stress, very busy worklife!


This was a real oasis in my day.

@Mesa Community

I am so glad to get these weekly sessions, helps me focus and start doing on my own.

@Mobile Mini

I am now meditating. I enjoyed it greatly.

@Family Comfort

I enjoyed the instructor greatly. She was welcoming and calming.


I make it a priority to take at least 1 break a day. I thought this was a great way to spend that time!


I love this idea so much and benefit from it every time. You have made the rest of my day so productive and positive.


I had a high stress morning. When I saw the van in the lot, it changed my whole day.


I love the atmosphere and the instructor! I wasn't sure what to expect. It was amazing.


It was very relaxing, and it was a moment of quiet and peace that I usually never find in my day to day work hours. I wish we had a space like that to be able to do that everyday as needed.

@Phoenix Union
High School District

This was the most relaxed I have ever felt while being awake. I felt refreshed to go back to work!


I wasn't exactly sure what to expect and this exceeded whatever I thought it would be. I've actually already utilized what we learned a couple of times. Thanks!


Great way to calm your mind and de-stress, for 15 minutes of your day! Plus, you can take what you have learned and apply it to your every-day. I appreciated the calm environment, and the caring instruction.


It refreshed me and made my thought process clearer.

@A.T. Still

Thank you for coming! This was an experience I did not think I would enjoy but I really felt a sense of calmness and relief from stress.


I immediately felt calm coming into the studio. I've been practicing meditation on/off for years and think making space for it in the workplace is so smart and important. The instructor was very good at setting up expectations for first timers and experienced meditators alike.


Thankful for this opportunity!! Redirects my thinking and resets my day!

@Mobile Mini

Such a great way to break up my day, to focus on me so I can then focus on my customers.


This 10 minute opportunity
re-opened my eyes to the fact that I DO have time, even if only 10 minutes. Thank you for the inspiration. 


Great chance to check in with my body and a good reminder to take the time to be mindful throughout my day.

@Town of Gilbert

The mobile studio was amazing, very peaceful.

Children's Hospital

I hoped to come back to my desk with better focus, which I did.


I would categorize myself as
a skeptic coming into this experience. Since attending,
I have shared my experience with my family and two co-workers, and I am eager to create space for my team to be able to experience it too.

(now Keap)

We are instilling a 15 minute mindfulness time into our departments schedule once a week because we were inspired by this experience!

@Alhambra Elementary School

I loved it. I can't believe how it changed my day.

@Grand Canyon University

I enjoyed being outside the building. That gave me more of a sense of "getting away" and relaxing.

@City of Goodyear

It was a great experience. As an experienced meditator, it was nice. I was able to relax and focus despite being in an RV surrounded by people I have never met. I think it's a really good introduction to mindfulness and a great break in the day for those who already practice.

@Town of Gilbert

It was my first time ever experiencing mindfulness. I absolutely loved it and feel like it needs to be more common in any workplace.


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