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Cartwright ESD is the recipient of the 2023 Thiru Family Trust Momentum Maker Grant, designed to improve mental health in schools by reducing student, teacher, and staff stress and anxiety resulting from the pandemic and school safety concerns.

Throughout the 2023-2024 school year M2 Well-Being will offer programming for faculty and staff each Wednesday. Register below to join us live, and return to this page any time to access recordings on demand.


Please share these resources with your school colleagues.

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Informal practices focus on translating mindfulness into everyday life by using ordinary activities to develop attention and presence throughout the day. Examples of informal practices are: how you pay attention driving to work, brushing your teeth, noticing a color throughout the day, how you use technology. Take 10 minutes for some reflection, inspiration and intention setting with these informal practices you can carry into your day.


Meditation is a mental training technique.

There are many kinds of meditation. Some are aimed at focusing attention, by concentrating on breath, sound, or repeated phrases, for example. Other meditations cultivate social skillfulness, such as kindness, gratitude or empathic listening. And yet others bring awareness to the body, with body scans, walking or yoga. 

These M2 guided meditations are offered to support formal mindfulness practice. "Formal practice" is a period of time that you intentionally set aside to focus your attention inward, build awareness and presence. Like any other skill, allocating time to practice helps you be more prepared to manage the demands of daily life with more ease.


Breathwork is a set of techniques that change the natural rhythm of the breath in order to impact your state of mind. You can use breathwork to calm or to energize.



These podcasts are designed to inspire you while you commute, walk, do errands or whatever you have going on.

Listen in for new perspectives and wisdom and download resources to explore further on your own.

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Mindful Self-Compassion

Have you ever noticed the tendency to be kinder to others than to yourself?  You are not alone. We all have a built-in negativity bias and an inner critique than is often unsupportive of even our best efforts. This podcast helps us cultivate inner acceptance and inner strength, toward a more supportive and kind relationship with oneself.

Mindful Self-Compassion podcast
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Burnout to Balance

Described as feeling world-weary, frazzled, overwhelmed, exhausted or at rope’s end, burnout comes as a result of personal stressors, work overload, moral distress and a general sense of needing to move at 100 miles per hour to get it all done.  Often called an “occupational hazard” it is becoming more prevalent in our always doing, always connected, always on culture. To burn out is to use all available fuel without replenishing, to drain the battery without charging, to stretch without rebounding; all of which leads to a cessation of operation.  This human machine of ours is no different, requiring replenishing, plugging in and resting in order to lead an optimized balanced life. This podcast prompts us to nurture ourself into balance.

Burnout to Balance podcast


Look around, watch the news, read the paper, scroll social media – it doesn’t take long to see that our world is hungry for kindness.  Look inside too – how kindly do you treat yourself? Are the words used towards self during the day kind or critical? Is the physical fitness path practiced kind or driven?  Is the diet plan being adhered to kind or depriving?  Kindness is a heart quality that can be both contagion and cure. Join us in this podcast that sows kindness in the soil of our hearts, yielding a bounty of kindness for the world to enjoy.

Click to play M2 Kindfulness Podcast
Power of Intention Setting (2).png

The Power of Intention Setting

Leo Tolstoy wrote a beautiful piece on the power of intention setting by asking three questions: When is the best time? What is the most important? What is the right thing to do? Setting intentions is about seeing the situational uniqueness of each moment, aligning with our values, accessing our dreams and detaching from outcomes. Intentions guide us towards Being in the world rather than simply Doing in the world. Listen to this podcast to inspire living with the intentionality of being.  

Click to play M2 Power of Intention Setting Podcast

Stress Less During the Holidays

Think of the holiday season and often a mixed bundle of images appear; joy, family traditions, good food AND work, lists, tasks, the stress of cramming more stuff into an already packed life. It needed be this way. Formal and informal mindfulness practices can help carve out time for quiet contemplation and self-care. Listen to this podcast to open to the possibility of experiencing stress-less holidays in-joy.

Click to play M2 Stress Less During the Holidays Podcast

The Thiru Family Trust Momentum Maker Grant is presented by the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Foundation for Community & Health Advancement. Visit us at to learn about other ways we’re tackling tough health challenges in Arizona to improve lives and inspire vibrant communities.

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