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Mesa Wellness 360, in partnership with M2 Well-Being, presents the Healthy Mind Series: Be A Stress Master! Join us for an opportunity to focus on tools that support your mental and emotional well-being.


All City of Mesa employees and spouses are welcome to watch the 6-week series. Participants can earn 200 points for a Wellbeing Educational Program! You may attend classes live or watch the recorded classes, or a combination of both. Keep in mind that to earn wellness points when watching a recording, you must input your name and email address when prompted during the video.


You will receive a certificate upon completion of the 6 classes. Please note: if you are watching the recordings you won't receive our certificate until after the viewing period expires on October 14th. Maintain proof of your certificate through 11/30/24 for any audit needs.

You will need to self-report on the desktop or mobile app.
Click on the Rewards Banner

Scroll down and click "Wellness Classes & Programs"

Click on Wellbeing Educational Program

Click on Report Completion

Enter the date the program started and select which program category you attended: Mental Well Being

Check the box saying you confirm and click save!

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Monday, April 15
12pm- 1pm

Week 1: What is Stress Anyway?

Stress gets a bad rap!  We know how it feels but we are not quite sure what causes it because it differs depending on the situation, the person, and even within the same person, depending on the day and situation.  Stress is not one thing, it’s a cocktail of many things.  Defined by Hans Selye in 1936, “stress is a non-specific response of the body to any demand for change.” In this session we will learn about types of stress and how the body’s physiology changes as a result.

Monday, April 22
12pm- 1pm

Week 2: The View From Inside and Outside

There are factors that can exacerbate or tame stress, even though they don’t directly cause it. Having a knowledge of these factors and learning how to work with them creates agency to self-regulate when demands pressure our body and mind.  In this session we will consider what some of those factors are and tools to change our body/mind relationship to stress.

Monday, April 29
12pm- 1pm

Week 3: What Does Doing Too Much Do?

Often we believe that what is going on outside of us is what is causing our stress, yet this is only a fraction of stress’s origin, maturity and evolution within us. In this session we will learn through a first-person activity what creates less stress and more productivity.

Monday, May 6
12pm- 1pm

Week 4: Balancing Doing with Being

Perhaps you have heard it said that we are not human doings we are human beings. In our culture of go, go, go, 24/7 connectivity we can lose sight of our beingness, which is a gateway to living life with more ease and less stress.  In this session we will reflect on our doing habits, find ways to unhook from them and step into balance with our innate being.

Monday, May 13
12pm- 1pm

Week 5: How Much Is Enough?

Image life as a buffet line in Vegas or on a cruise ship – So much choice and it all looks so good! We pile our plates full, maybe filling two plates and then of course go back for dessert.  How do you feel afterward?  This is exactly what happens when we enter the buffet of life, consuming with the sense of filling emptiness within us. Instead this often leaves us feeling not full and enriched, but uncomfortable and craving more.  In this session we will look at the source of this sense of not-enoughness and how we to honor the enoughness that is already present within us.

Monday, May 20
12pm- 1pm

Week 6: Kindness Matters

We conclude this 6-week series with a consideration of Kindness, a quality of heart that is a salve capable of healing ourself and the world.  In this session we will consider the science of kindness – yes there is one – and experience practices that can seed within, creating a harvest of good.

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