Mesa Wellness 360, in partnership with M2 Well-Being, is excited to announce the Healthy Mind Series, an opportunity to focus on tools that support your mental and emotional well-being. These "deep-dive" mindfulness workshops will be offered weekly, Tuesday's from 12pm- 1pm, between August 3- August 31, 2021.


All City of Mesa employees are welcome to sign up for as many classes as you like. Mesa 360 participants can earn 50 points for each class (Wellbeing Class category) or attend all 5 classes and earn 200 points (Wellbeing Program Category)! Classes cannot be applied to both categories.

If you are taking the Healthy Mind Series as a “Well-being Educational Program” you will receive a certificate upon completion of the 5 classes. This is what you will upload for your 200 wellness points.
However, if you are taking the classes a la carte, for 50 points each,  you will need to self-report on the desktop or mobile app.
Rewards tab
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Because we understand that this time doesn't fit into everyone's schedules, we are recording all the classes and making them available on this webpage, on demand, 48 hours after the live class. You many attend classes live or watch the recorded classes, or a combination of both. Please note that to earn wellness points when you watch a recording, you must input your name and email address when prompted during the video.



Myth of Multitasking

Tuesday, August 3

12pm- 1pm

Many of us believe that the only way to get through the daily to-do-list is to do more than one thing at a time.  But research indicates that multi-tasking actually takes longer, generates more errors and increases stress levels.  Learn how and why this is so in this interactive presentation that includes guided mindfulness practices encouraging a simplification of your life one task at a time.

PPT Brain Designs_3.png

Mindful Communication

Tuesday, August 10

12pm- 1pm

As relational beings communication is essential yet it is all too common to experience a wide variety of communication break downs. Learning to listen more mindfully and respond more thoughtfully, preserving the integrity of all parties, is a key to healthy relationships. This presentation includes experiential exercises, guided mindfulness practice and interactive discussion to create awareness of communication cues fostering wise speech.

Mindful Eating Forks.png

Mindful Eating

Tuesday, August 17

12pm- 1pm

Reexamine the nature of food and your relationship to it through the cultivation of mindful awareness of emotions. This presentation uses experiential exercises, guided mindfulness practice and interactive discussion. Explore how to develop a non-judgmental and compassionate approach to eating and your relationship with food.

*Please bring a delicious, bite-size snack with you. The instructor will guide you to eat it during class. An individually-wrapped piece of chocolate, a pretzel or a raisin are examples of a snack you might bring.

Paying Attention-2-1080x108.png

Paying Attention to Attention

Tuesday, August 24

12pm- 1pm

Our attention has been considered by some to be one of our most precious resources, the most powerful tool of the human spirit; yet how often do we pay attention to what we are paying attention to? When our attention is scattered across the many things that are pulling at it, think social media, advertisements, television, phones, kids, partners… it can lead to exhaustion and dissatisfaction.  Mindfulness offers practices that help us reclaim the precious resource of our attention.  This presentation includes lecture, experiential exercises, guided mindfulness practice and interactive discussion, helping to skillfully reclaim and direct our attention.


From Routine to Ritual

Tuesday, August 31

12pm- 1pm

There are many aspects of our lives that become routinized leading to mindless, autopilot engagement, separating us from our moment to moment lived experience. The power of ritual invites us to wake up from our routines, and transform them into the magic of life itself.  Ritual brings an awake, aware mind to our lived experiences.  It is used in ceremonies such as weddings and graduations, in athletics, and tea drinking, and when applied to the seemingly mundane aspects of our lives, it can bring deep profound meaning. This presentation includes lecture, experiential exercises, guided mindfulness practice and interactive discussion, encouraging transformation from routine to ritual.