Bringing Mindfulness Training to Your Workplace

M2 Well-Being brings experienced mindfulness teachers and our mobile studio on site to educate and inspire employees to “train their brains” and improve their health, creativity and productivity, while building workplace relationships and community.

Mindfulness Benefits Employees

The practice of mindfulness has a proven positive impact on your employees' well-being,
which yields more engagement, attention, productivity, creativity and collaboration.

Feel Better




Sleep Quality

Immune System

Think Better





Connect Better

Negative Thinking

Relate to Others

Manage Emotions

Create a More Mindful Culture

We'll help you build a path to a more mindful culture. M2 Well-Being offers sessions that are specially designed to create awareness, build momentum, sustain benefits and deepen practice. So we can help you progress from wherever you are.

The studio is also available for Pop-up Quiet Space and Rent

Companies Incorporating Mindfulness Into Their Workplace

22%  of companies nationally have
mindfulness training already in place.

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We'd love to meet with you and
discuss if mindfulness training is
a good fit for your organization. Please complete the form to request a meeting or tour of the studio.

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