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The M2 2Moments "Anti-Challenge"
Create intention and awareness around a couple daily moments.

Notice the noticing, instead of noticing the not-enoughing.


For giggles, let’s do 10 days. Maybe in a row, but not necessarily. Twice each day, make a point to bring your mind into the present moment, and notice you are doing it. 

  • 2 moments 

  • each day 

  • for 10 days 

Structured noticing can be a great way to begin a mindfulness practice. If you’ve established a formal practice and want to include some “official” informal practice, please join in too. 


The point is to make a mental note when you notice yourself noticing. We'll do it together! Advance through the daily prompts below, and download and print your very own pocket guide.

Let's do this!

Has it been a while since you did some basic arts and crafts? Check out this super quick video tutorial that shows you how to assemble your very own M2 2Moments "Anti-Challenge" pocket guidebook.

Watch the video
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