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What Does "M2" Stand For?

Naming a business is no small feat. Lots of URLs and trademarks are already taken, and we were struggling to come up with something we liked that was actionable. We wanted to leave the name open to evolve as we learn, so we didn’t want to be too literal. We also wanted to convey science and data.

In July, 2016 I was on vacation in Cincinnati with my husband and friends from growing up. I put them all to work, leveraging their various talents. Brainstorming a name was on the agenda. Daniele looked at me matter-of-factly while she was shopping and said, “Call it M2, for mindfulness meditation.” I wrote it down.

We continued brainstorming over the weekend and the letter “M” kept coming up. In addition to Mindfulness and Meditation there was Moment, Metta, Mind, Matter, Modern.

We realized that M2 could be “m squared” for two m’s, e.g. mindfulness meditation, modern meditation, mind [over] matter, metta matters, etc. I could also mean “m to…” such as “moment to moment,” “meditation to change the brain,” “meditation to well-being,” “mindfulness to reframe,” etc.

Of course there are lots of M2 brands, from high-end cars, to guns, to other wellness businesses. But we let it sit for a few weeks and it just felt right. So we went for it. In mid-September I bought the URL’s, and

Can you imagine how pleased I was when the truck concept came into being just two weeks later and I realized that Mobile was a new M that fit right in?

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