Meditation Truck Diary: Becoming a Badass

I bought a used RV today. And then I drove that 31-foot RV 25 miles, including three highway mergers and a few (benevolently wide) side streets, from the bank to the mechanic, where the refurbishment process begins. I’ve been pretty intimidated by the thought of driving such a big vehicle, so I was pretty proud of myself.

It is almost exactly one year since I was first inspired to build a mobile mediation studio. On September 30, 2016 I was driving to get my haircut, when I passed a retail truck on Scottsdale Road. I see lots of food trucks or mobile medical units every day, but the effect of that truck on that day was dramatic-- BAM! “A meditation truck! That’s the way to make mindfulness and meditation practices more accessible, appealing and convenient!” (see my blogpost “Why mobile mindfulness?”). My heart raced. From glee.

I couldn’t wait to Google it and discover if this was a thing. I raced home to plug in various keywords: meditation truck, mobile meditation, mobile mindfulness, etc. Only one business appeared: Meditation Works in Detroit. I figure there’s 2000 miles between me and Detroit, so why not?

Why not? Depends on the day. Over the last year I researched, planned, pitched and waffled, while feeling insecure, clever, excited, afraid. It’s taken all this time to convince myself that I can make this investment worthwhile, and that what I’ve learned and what I am capable of is enough to make it worth a go.

And then today I did it, dammit. I’m either diligent or delusional. But there’s only one way to find out.

Hello meditation truck. BAM!

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