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Meditation Truck Diary: The Rama Chair

Taking a deep breath, I set out in the RV this morning. The kids are thrilled because they are getting dropped off at school in the RV. They are fully present with the simple joys. I, on the other hand, am trying not to freak out driving this mammoth vehicle, which is not yet insured nor registered to me (more on that in a subsequent post). After school, my first stop is to try out the chair. The Vitaro’s graciously invite me in and patiently accompany me while I sit… for an hour. Many chairs are comfortable for a few minutes. But I need to be confident that these chairs will be comfortable for at least 30 minutes. And so I sit. And sit some more. I am comfortable and supported, and the chairs are just as beautiful in person. These are definitely the chairs for the M2 mobile studio. Now I am thrilled! Next stop: RV buildout for evaluation of the vehicle and the initial planning session. Last stop: gas. There is still ¼ tank, but I figure I better fill it up. It takes two attempts to line up the RV correctly so the nozzle reaches the tank. It’s hard to gauge depth and length in this thing! Almost 42 gallons and $91 later the tank is full and I head home. I drive just a minute or two, when the door flies open while the vehicle is in motion. $%&^*! Apparently I didn’t shut it all the way. Thankfully, I see a parking lot on my right that is pretty empty. I pull in, put the RV into park, get up, close and lock the door (a new policy going forward). Phew. Time to go home and meditate.

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