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Meditation Truck Diary: Quadrille Paper, The Sequel

This morning I got a call from Jesse, letting me know the demo revealed some unanticipated infrastructure, namely wheel wells and a raised compartment in the back. One of the reasons I chose to buy an RV (instead of a trailer or shuttle bus) was because I wanted an even floor that would allow several seating options and configurations. So much for that decision!

Redesign, Part I, which consumed the first half of October, was suddenly obsolete. The original design had bench seating atop storage cubbies, and I’d toyed with maintaining some raised platforms so the Rama chairs could be elevated and used at standard chair height. But those designs had been eliminated because they weren’t as versatile, plus building out platforms was very expensive. Sigh.

Luckily, Deb (my sister-in-law, the Internet research maven) was in town visiting and we got right to work. My brother, Leon, contributed ideas too. And by the end of the afternoon we had a brand new design of cascading floor heights that I liked even better!

Challenge accepted (and increased budget accepted too).

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