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Meditation Truck Diary: Inverter, A/C’s, Floors, Colors, Walls, Oh My!

Demo is nearly done, which means that tons of decisions need to be finalized and purchases need to be made for buildout to really begin. There will be no resting on the laurels of the quick, layout redesign decisions. Now I need an inverter, lighting, new A/C’s, flooring, wall cover, ceiling cover, driver cabin upholstery, partition and fan decisions, paint color… STAT, aka “the present moment.”

I am doing the fabric, flooring and paint stores circuit and Googling like mad, trying to balance price, quality, aesthetics and speed, when I hit another unanticipated road block. The bank, despite cash in the account and credit card payments between statements to “free up” credit, has frozen my credit card. I call and email at least five different bank representatives, trying to understand what the problem is. Nobody has a straight story for me. It’s taken all the “fun” out of buying an inverter (which until last month, was something I never knew I wanted, nor is it frankly that much fun).

The “fun” part should be picking out all the fabrics and finishes. People keep asking me what my “color scheme” is. I remember this same line of questioning when I planned my wedding, and I felt the same then as I do now, “Huh? I’m supposed to have a color scheme?” I have a brand color palette. That I understand. But a studio design palette is a little out of my black-yoga-pants-is-my-color-scheme comfort zone.

So, as always, I call in reinforcements. My talented neighbor, Kalen, who owns an art and design studio, agrees to an emergency consult. Since I have samples and materials at my house, she comes over Thursday evening. She maintains creative focus, despite dim office lighting, kids interrupting and my dog relentlessly jumping on her. By 8pm we have a “color scheme” and have decided on fabrics, colors and flooring.

I take it to Jesse Friday morning. In the light of day, I decide to make a modification on the ceiling treatments, but by 11am it is all done. A/C’s, inverters and lights on the way. Color scheme defined and materials selected. I think it’s going to look great!

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