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Meditation Truck Diary: Dirt Under My Fingernails

Confession: during my 30-year driving career, I have never changed the oil nor a tire, and I have no mechanical knowledge (or interest) whatsoever.

If you were to write a job description for a mobile business owner, you’d probably include some of those basic skill sets, however, so I figure I should start to learn. For M2, engine maintenance applies not only to the RV, but to the all-important generator. Without the generator, there is no air conditioning. And without air conditioning in the desert, you’re doomed.

Enter Chuck Chapman of AZ Generator, who is great at his craft and eager to educate. He gave me a crash course in pistons, spark plugs, gaskets, oil, fuel and how they all work together. And he let me change the oil.

He was patient and non-judgmental, and a swell guy with whom to spend 2 hours. Enjoyment and pride can sneak up on you sometimes. Thank you, Chuck.

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