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Meditation Truck Diary: It's a Wrap!

You ever wrapped a vehicle before? Me neither.

Two weeks ago I sat down with Matt from Arizona Color for a live creative brief and brainstorming session (pun intended on the "brainstorming").

The wrap process can take up to 4 weeks, so I wanted to be sure to provide needed information, feedback and the deposit to ensure it would be complete by December 15. I'm on top of it!

Alas, the first two weeks vaporized into a plume of non-productivity. It took a week for Arizona Color to put us into the queue. And then due to a missing-keys mishap and some restrictions at Palacios, it took yet another week for Arizona color to get the photos they needed to start the design. That meant I had to let go of my goal to start the wrap installation on December 5. I am getting nervous about getting everything done by Christmas and being ready on January 1. But that's another story...

Today I got the first draft of the design. While I had several comments (11, to be precise), I was super pleased with how consistent he was with our branding, and how he injected some extra whimsy too.

Let's see where it goes from here.

What input would you have provided?

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