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Are all resolutions created equal?

It’s January, and the urge to create (or resurrect) resolutions is formidable. But if it's happiness you’re ultimately after, not all resolutions are created equal.

We are culturally attuned to develop and track goals. Goals are objective, measurable and evaluative, and can be impactful tools to focus and set priorities. But without greater context and meaning, the satisfaction we get from completing goals is only fleeting. And falling short of goals can lead to judgment and guilt.

So before you make that resolution list, take some time to examine and clarify your Intentions. Intentions are guiding principles for how you want to live. Reflect on what you value, how you want to act, and who you want to be. When you bring mindful attention to your intentions, you bring more awareness of thoughts and behaviors each day.

Find and follow your inner compass so you can both DO and BE more congruent with the principles that matter to you. That’s the ultimate ticket to contentment.

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