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Wishing you moments of joy THIS HOLIDAY SEASON AND BEYOND

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

The holiday season can feel like you’re navigating the streets of a busy, bustling downtown city; everything is moving a mile a minute and you’re just trying to catch your breath. Along with the more frenetic pace, many of us experience bigger swings of emotion, from gratitude and joy to loneliness and regret.

Get the pause you’re pining for by intentionally paying attention to how you feel in rewarding moments. Wouldn’t it be nice to be fully present and appreciate those, whatever they look like for you?

This 8-minute mindfulness meditation on cultivating joy is a great place to start.

Happy Holidays 2019: M2 Guided Meditation on Cultivating Joy

by M2 Well-Being teacher, Debbie Holexa

We wish you moments of joy, connection, ease and presence all year long.

Happy holidays!


The M2 Well-Being Team

p.s. Are you impressed with my family’s mad jumping skills? Be most impressed with the photographer. He practically buried himself in the sand to get an angle that made us look like we got some serious vertical. 😂


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