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M2 is M2x2

M2 turned 4 this month. That is no small thing.

Consistent with many moments in this entrepreneurial journey, I meet this anniversary with a big dose of pride and joy, and an equal measure of uncertainty and worry.

In the kick-ass column I’ll highlight:

  • Learned to reframe and expand what M2’s mission means.

Meet communities where they are, and provide resources, tools and inspiration to improve mental health and well-being. We provide a place of calm where people connect and feel more capable and fulfilled.

When we launched in 2018, “meeting communities where they are…” meant bringing people together to learn and practice in our mobile studio. Now it means we understand people need to connect both in person and virtually, and we deliver great options for both modalities.

  • Consistently adapt how we create and deliver content to meet the changing nature of how and where we work, and the escalating need for connection and mental health resources. We launched “Healthy Mind Series” to support deeper learning. Now we have 18 impactful, modular workshops (and 4 more available in April).

  • Partner with amazing organizations. In 2021 we worked closely with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, Grand Canyon University/Education, A.T. Still University, City of Mesa, Northern Trust, Accenture, DriveTime, Carvana, Town of Gilbert, among others.

Yay, M2!

But the nail-biting category is alive and well.

  • COVID. There’s lots wrapped up in that, of course, but I’ll lead with its impact on how and if we interact in person, and how M2’s business model needs to adapt.

  • It is tougher than ever to engage and retain participants. We are all increasingly distracted, and in the habit of fragmented attention.

  • My own judgments about the quality of digital interactions and the fact that I want things to be a certain way. I resist virtual reality and fear the metaverse. The online marketplace is crowded, well developed and demands scale. I value intimate, screen-free experiences of human connection more.

This honor of reflecting on a year of M2 for the fourth time reminds me that business, like life, is always changing. It includes highs and lows, the urge to grasp and resist, worry and wonder, hold responsibility and promise. But the reason I do this work doesn’t waver. I am absolutely certain that our society needs more mental health resources and sense of community, and I know M2 has brought relief and connection to many who need and value it. So I blow out four candles and commit to continue to learn, improve and make the world a little kinder, one person at a time.

Thank you for being part of our journey. We are grateful to celebrate another year with you.


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