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Meditation Truck Diary: Quadrille Paper

One of the benefits I’ve personally experienced from my mindfulness practice is improved sleep quality-- a welcome relief from what used to be frequent insomnia. But improved does not mean impervious to relapses. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night, mind whirring with interior design, layout and capacity. I defied attempts to focus on my breath and get back to sleep. A little bleary this morning, I printed out some quadrille paper and got to work brainstorming how to bring this mobile studio to life, using real dimensions.

Last December I worked with a talented friend to create renderings of my vision. At the time I was planning on a truck and trailer, which has a different layout and constraints. Now I have the actual space, and that requires a redesign. Plus, my initial approach assumed bench seating would fill the space (bet you’d never guess that I personally like to meditate in a seat). Now I realize that I want options and props that allow students to experiment and teach me how they will be most comfortable, and be able to adapt and evolve the studio over time. Of course I want it to be beautiful and feel spacious despite the fact that it’s about 200 sq. ft and bumps up and down on the road every day. Did I mention affordable? And accommodate 16 students and a teacher? Hmmmmm….

I took an initial stab, and I’m optimistic, though there are still tons of important details to figure out. You can see my crude layout here. Luckily, my mindfulness teacher, Breon, introduced me to another student of hers, an interior designer who specializes on creating mindful, peaceful spaces, and Diane has agreed to do some work on the design. Super excited to see what she suggests.

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