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Meditation Truck Diary: Grateful

Jesse Pacheco, from Palacios Upholstery

When I started seriously thinking about building the studio, I had to find skilled resources. Since I didn't know how to change oil or gage tire pressure, you might imagine that I was in no position to personally renovate a vehicle.

Enter Jesse Pacheco from Palacios Upholstery. Jesse is young, but has many years of experience working with vehicles of all kinds. He's knowledgable about everything from electrical to mechanical to finishings.

I met Jesse when M2 was still a conceptual pitch. From the start I sensed he understood what I was trying to accomplish. He quickly became an advisor to me, helping me weigh the pros and cons of different vehicle types (e.g. trailer vs RV) and evaluating choices I was considering. With no guarantee of business he gave me his cell number and answered every phone call and text as I prepared to make a decision.

And then the project began. If you read previous blog posts, you know that we had to significantly revise buildout plans more than once. With each revision Jesse pitched in great ideas, careful to consider my goals and costs. The partition wall with draw shade? His idea. The trap door that hides the stairs and creates additional floor space? His idea too. And that cool textured ceiling? Yep. Jesse.

No question. I couldn't have done this without him. Gracias amigo.

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