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Overwhelmed by work and school at home? You've got this, a few moments at a time.

Whether your child is 1 or 21, “back to school” choices this fall feel thoroughly suboptimal. How do we prioritize among physical health, mental health, community well-being, finances and learning outcomes? And after we labor to make an uneasy choice, how do we continue to bring “our best self” into our work, while keeping an eye on our home-bound kids?

This is why we practice mindfulness. So we can notice and acknowledge struggle, then find the ground under our feet and the loyalty of our breath. We practice so we can find more attention, balance and compassion. Even if just for a few minutes a day, each day, as long as it’s needed.

For the record, our kids also think the options stink. They are living with a lot of uncertainty and anxiety, and can benefit from mindfulness too:

  • Increased attention and focus

  • Decreased stress

  • Decreased negative thinking

Why not try practices as a family? Check out M2’s YouTube channel for some family-friendly options.

Teens (13+):

Older kids (8- 12)

Younger kids (3- 7)

Mindful families start with parents who prioritize their own awareness, self-care and intentions, to create an environment of gratitude, quiet and attention for those they love.

We can weather this storm better together.


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