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Holiday Gatherings in the Mobile Studio

Looking for a unique way to build community and bring good tidings to your workplace this holiday season?

Our mobile studio will be decked out with holiday cheer. Choose workshops or mindfulness meditations. Holiday class theme options include:

Cultivating Gratitude

Our neural biology is wired with a negativity bias, but there is a way out of the downward spin cycle. Focus on the power of gratitude to rewire our brains and lead us to greater happiness and contentment.


Kindness is a heart quality that can be both contagion and cure. Sow kindness in the soil of our hearts, yielding a bounty of kindness for the world to enjoy.

Mindful Eating

​Explore how to develop a non-judgmental and compassionate approach to eating and your relationship with food.

Happiness and Joy Anytime

Even in the midst of challenging circumstances happiness and joy are accessible, and perhaps even the medicine, that is needed to see us through to the other side.

The Power of Intention Setting

Setting intentions is about seeing the situational uniqueness of each moment, aligning with our values and accessing our dreams. Intentions guide us towards Being in the world rather than simply Doing in the world.

An M2 Holiday Gathering package includes a half-day studio rental and one theme. You choose whether a 20-minute meditation or a 45-minute workshop will work better with your teams' schedules. We'll repeat the class for multiple sessions, in order to allow employees to fit it into their day.

For team members who are remote or prefer a more distanced experience, we also offer a live, virtual option.

Curious? Contact us via the form below for more information and pricing.


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