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Sleep on it

Do you ever find yourself unable to fall asleep because your mind is still active with planning or reviewing? Or do you fall asleep, only to wake up in the middle of the night? Or do you just not have enough time to squeeze in 7+ hours of sleep a night?

Yet, research links sleep deprivation with heart disease, diabetes, obesity and decreased immune function. It’s worth some effort to try to get more zzzz’s.

There’s help! One study showed that six weeks of mindfulness training improves sleep quality and decreases insomnia. Maybe it can help you too (or improve your current sleep, even if it’s already in pretty good shape).

Curious about a bedtime practice that might help you sleep tonight? Try this 14-minute body scan meditation from UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center. National Sleep Foundation has great resources about the science of sleep as well as advice to improve yours.

Did you know that March 9, 2020 is World Sleep Day? How about we celebrate with a nap or some intentional JOMO (Joy of Missing Out) that carves out time to wind down more easily?



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