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Records Are Made To Be Broken

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

When I met Tyla at wellness roundtable hosted by Lovitt and Touche, she was planning the rollout of Carvana Fit’s employee well-being campaign, “Life Happens.” The campaign is part of an initiative that includes an important focus on mental, social and emotional health. She was certain M2’s mindfulness training would resonate with employees and vowed to break M2 attendance records. And lo and behold, Carvana did. 100 employees came to class!

Carvana planned a two-day event; M2 was on site for 2 hours each day, and we offered six 10-minute classes each day. It was a whirlwind… in a quiet, peaceful way. The instructor, Julia, and I were blown away by how many employees had experience with mindfulness practice, and how many had an established, regular routine. Most of all, we were amazed by the incredible energy. Several employees shared how much Carvana values their health and wellness, and how leadership supports and encourages them.

The feedback we got from the event was outstanding, and I’ve included just a few of the fabulous testimonials here. I think I’m going to read them daily for affirmation :).

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