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Listen With Your Eyes

In April, M2 donated a session to The Joy Bus fundraiser auction to contribute to their incredible service that brings free meals to homebound cancer patients. The winner of the session was the medical director of Family Comfort Hospice, and he gifted the session to the staff. How perfect is that? I’m kind of in awe of these people, who work to bring physical and emotional ease to patients and their families at the end of life. Can you imagine how much kindness, grace and presence is demanded of them every day? Since mindfulness has been proven to reduce burnout in palliative care teams, I was especially looking forward to this visit.

Yet, when we asked if anyone was already intentional about being more present and why, I was initially surprised to hear one person observe that she wanted to be more mindful at home. Patti shared how one evening she was making dinner and listening to her grandson, when he insisted, “Grandma, listen to me!” She replied, “I am listening to you.” To which he said, “No, Grandma. Listen with your eyes.”

Aren’t children the best mirrors sometimes? He noticed that he didn’t have her full attention, and it bothered him. We all do this at home, at work and in everyday interactions.

Maybe today you can resolve to give your full attention to someone, even for just a couple minutes, and see what that feels like when you do it with intention.

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