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The Upside of Contagion

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

In a recent study at Coca-Cola Iberia in Madrid, researchers measured the impact of acts of kindness in the workplace. They found that givers felt more satisfied with their lives and jobs and receivers reported greater happiness. And the effect resonated for up to 3 months afterward. But wait, there’s more. Even though receivers weren’t instructed to pay it forward, they did. Receivers’ prosocial behavior increased by 278%.

We humans are social beings, and evolutionarily driven to fit in. What we see and hear others doing and talking about matters. A lot. And you don’t have to be famous, well-liked or a leader to make a difference. Nor does it require grand gestures, lots of time or expense. What it does require is intention, effort and positivity, and a letting go of the expectation of something in return. Choose behaviors that are warm, playful, affectionate. Like exercise or meditation, what you practice grows stronger.

M2 makes it easy to show appreciation and inspire your workplace to kickstart a kinder culture. “Go In to Peace Out,” is a team-building, Kindness Experience in our beautiful mobile studio. Fill out the contact form below to schedule a session designed to inspire acts of kindness that can be shared with colleagues, community and self. And until then...

November 13 is World Kindness Day, so let’s get busy spreading kindness. Make a list of activities and receivers and start spreading. If the activity allows, do it anonymously, keep ‘em guessing, and create a buzz! Here are a few ideas:



Cheer up a coworker or friend who seems to be having a bad day

Bring someone a beverage

Email a thank you note

Deliver a note with a silly joke, compliment, inspirational quote or affirmation

Share a contact or resource to help someone move forward with a project or goal

Leave money near the vending machine with a sticky note, “This snack is on me!”

Show someone how to do something

Print out a news article that highlights kindness and post or leave it where others will read it (the bathroom or the table)

Praise a colleague, family member or friend for their work or effort

Make a(n anonymous) donation to a charity you care about. Any amount helps!


Research footnote: "Everyday prosociality in the workplace: The reinforcing benefits of giving, getting, and glimpsing." CHANCELLOR, MARGOLIS, JACOBS BAO, AND LYUBOMIRSKY, 2018.


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