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Show Up to the Live Class!

All digital delivery is not created equal. At least not when it comes to stress reduction for online mindfulness training programs.

Research recently published in Journal of Medical Internet Research found that “live mindfulness programs with recorded or on-demand programs used to supplement live practices confer the strongest likelihood of achieving a significant decrease in stress levels.”

While any participation in mindfulness services is beneficial, live programs, supplemented with recorded or on-demand content demonstrated the greatest improvement on the PSS-4 (Perceived Stress Scale-4). Participating in only live teaching also conferred a small, but significant, reduction in stress. Use of only recorded programs or “on demand” content for practice did not reduce stress.

Researchers suggest that “the social component of live teaching, group discussion and the importance of processing personal experiences are all critical elements in adult learning.” They also found that recordings do serve an important function; they were shown to supplement regular, daily practice. On-demand content supports adherence and habit formation.

So next time your calendar reminder comes up for that live class, sign in! I totally relate to the temptation to watch it later. But the reality is that often doesn’t happen. Make your well-being a priority and show up!


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