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Mangling Magazines: Bringing your intentions and values to life in a vision board

I first tried creating a vision board at a workshop at a friend's house several years ago. It was kind of a bust. I hadn't done any thinking about what my values/intentions/goals were, and lord knows that juggling scissors, glue and poster board didn't bring on inspiration. I'm usually more comfortable in front of a spreadsheet. 😂

But after my M2 intention setting workshop in 2020, where I'd done some journaling about how what I wanted to focus on and how I wanted to feel, I decided to revisit the practice. Bolstered by two friends, popcorn, wine and a smaller size of poster board, I gave vision boarding another whirl.

I posted it above my desk, where I would see it most days. And while I didn't give it much direct attention, I liked having it there. I think it helped remind me what I wanted to focus on (read To Do or To Be? That is the Question for specifics).

We repeated the process this year- same friends, more snacks and wine, new intentions. Starting in September, I added more pre-work. I started by exploring and articulating my values and understanding my character strengths. It's deep work! I have more to do, but I recognize it's a work in progress and for now this is enough of a meaningful start.

Via Signature Strengths

Vital Values


Love unconditionally and generously


Explore with curiosity and kindness

Social Intelligence

Appreciate nature's and life's gifts


Lead bravely



With this additional perspective, I created another board. You can see a photo of both boards here.

I also went back and made some notes on the back of my 2021 vision board about what I did in 2021 that supported my intentions. I found a lot of examples!! And that felt really good, a validation that I made choices that were authentic and meaningful to me.

Do you have a vision board? Please share a picture of yours if you do, and tell me a little bit about it.


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