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To do, or to be? That is the question.

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

I spent many years ignoring January, resolute in my resistance to declare any resolutions, suspicious of cultural pressure. And, yet, I felt a pull, a gentle craving, to do something to mark the arrival of a new year.

In late 2020, M2 developed a new workshop, The Power of Intention Setting, and it helped me be open to change in a more accessible and authentic way. Rather than declaring a firm plan or goal, often in form of stuff to do, setting an intention provides direction and purpose toward a way of being.

I took some time to reflect on how I wanted to be. I put it into words and pictures, and created a somewhat-sloppy-but-right-for-me-anyway vision board that I hung up in front of my desk, where I would see it often.

My intention for 2021 was “Invite more laughter and levity.” Because, you know, 2020 was pretty rough. Plus, 2021 was my 50th birthday festival year (yes, I felt entitled to celebrate all year). I didn’t want to “fix” anything. I wanted to spark joy. For me that meant travel, reconnecting with friends, nurturing appreciation in my family relationships and playing games (game of the year: Poetry for Neanderthals).

In the last month or so, I felt that pull to reflect again. To contemplate what I wanted to let go of and what I wanted to invite, I set aside some time each week– regular meditation, a fantastic Ceremony of Release with Rhonda Vroman and sessions of Value setting, Dreamstorming and Morning Mindwork with the awesome Dr. Sasha Heinz.

Ideas and thoughts bubbled up that surprised me. I saw some of my judgments and ways I expressed love conditionally. I’d like to change those. I also tapped into some energy and power to dream bigger and pursue meaningful goals. I’d like to lean into that.

I’m still working on how I’m expressing my intention for 2022, but this I know: It’s going to be a year of duality, where I invite unconditional nurturing AND stretching and reaching outside my comfort zone. Lots of being, with some doing in there too.

Intentions can be small and short-term, big and profound, and everything in between. See it, say it, sense it, and discover the power of thoughtful intentions. We have a worksheet with four “sticky notes” to help you get started.

Wishing you health and ease,


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