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Lope Country

The first time I met Chuck Howard, Corporate Wellness Administrator at Grand Canyon University, he shared that GCU would soon be transitioning some internal processes and structures. Chuck recognized that change can be unsettling in an organization, and he wanted to be proactive about providing extra support.

We reviewed some of the scientific evidence that supports the efficacy of mindfulness training to help individuals manage stress. Chuck believed the time was right to pilot mindfulness training.

Then we discussed why the mobile studio was designed for group practice. M2 aims to bring community members together to build relationships, compassion and a more mindfulness culture, while also providing an opportunity for individual self-care and well-being.

He replied, "Of course! It's like how I pray every day, but on Sunday I go to church to pray with my community." I had never considered that comparison, but I thought it was spot on.

Thank you, Chuck, for believing in us and caring for your community.

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